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Caroline's Blankets

Caroline's Blankets

     I am so excited to introduce you to a project that that is very close to my heart. I have been praying daily since Caroline was born, asking God to show me something that I can do to help others who are experiencing the loss of a baby. A way to honor Caroline's life. 
     On Friday night, God answered my prayers!  I have decided to begin collecting baby blankets.  These blankets will be donated to local hospitals around Michigan, and given out to families who have lost a baby, either through still birth or a neonatal death (like Caroline).      One of my most cherished possessions after losing Caroline is a blanket. It was given to us as a gift before she was born. This blanket was lovingly knitted together by ladies in the knitting club from my church. I was able to wrap Caroline in this blanket while we snuggled her close. Now that she is no longer here with me, I have found the blanket to be a great source of comfort. When my arms feel so empty, and as I lay awake in the darkness of night, I hold that blanket close. I can still faintly smell her sweet baby scent as I hug it tightly. That blanket has caught many of my tears, but somehow, holding it always makes me feel closer to her.
     Knowing how important that blanket has been throughout these dark and empty weeks, has made me realize how important it is for other mothers to have a special blanket as well. I want to make sure that all moms who are forced to experience the cruel reality of empty arms, are able to have a special blanket to take home as a reminder of their precious baby. They will be able to swaddle their baby in the blanket at the hospital, and then be able to take it home to keep.
     If you have been touched by Caroline's story, I would like to invite you to participate in our blanket donation program. The baby blankets we recieve, will be given to local Michigan hospitals. They will then be distributed at the hospital to families who have lost their baby before or shortly after birth. We would love to give beautiful blankets that these families can cherish forever.

Below is some important information:

* Please donate only new blankets. They can be handmade blankets, or store bought. We would love to provide knitted blankets, fleece blankets, or any special store bought recieving blankets. 

* We will start accepting blankets right away! 

* You can drop off or mail your baby blanket donations to my house. Please email me at for the address, or to make other arrangements. I will always accept them in person as well!

* Depending on how many blankets we receive, we may send extra baby blankets to the Sweet Pea Project. This ministry became my inspiration. They collect blankets from people, and then donate them to hospitals all across the country. It is a wonderful ministry. Please check out their website,

* I will keep everyone posted on how many blankets we have received, and also post about when and where we bring them. 

* If you know of any hospitals that would be interested in receiving a baby blanket donation, please let me know. We would love to provide blankets to as many families as possible. Especially some of the smaller hospitals that are not as equipped to support families who have lost their baby. 

These are some pictures from the Sweet Pea Project website. The pictures show blankets that they have given to hospitals to be used for families who are experiencing the loss of a baby.

I am so excited about this project! I truly believe that God has placed it on my heart in response to my prayers. This will be a good opportunity to bring a small amount of comfort to those who are walking down the incredibly painful and heartbreaking journey of losing a baby. Please help me to make sure that every mom has a beautiful blanket to swaddle her baby in during those short precious moments they have together, and then to take home as a special reminder. 
                                  This project is done in honor of Caroline Joy Mulder

                                                              Thank you!

Please email me at any time with questions, 

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