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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Thank you!

     I wish that I was able to shout these words at the top of my lungs, so that everyone will be able to hear them! But since I know that would not work very well, I think it is time for another very special thank you post. Although I do know for sure that I will never be able to express the depth of our thanks in words, I am certainly going to try!
       Thank You!  Thank You!   Thank You!   Thank You!   Thank You!  Thank You!

   To all those people who have sent us cards, Thank You! Josh and I have been completely blessed by the shower of cards that we have received!  Each day we have opened our mailbox to find another handful of beautiful cards. It is so very kind and thoughtful for each of you to have taken the time to send them to us. The personal messages, thoughts, Bible verses, songs, poems, and inspirational messages that each of you took the time to write, have filled us with such hope, comfort, and peace. There are days when I have just felt such overwhelming sadness, but these cards come at just the right moment. It seems as if the words were meant for me to hear at that exact time. Please know that God has used you to bring us comfort, through the thoughtful messages in your cards. They continue to be an inspiration to me each and every day. Josh and I will cherish these cards forever, and we will keep them always as a reminder that God has filled our lives with such amazing people! Thank You!

     To all those who have brought us meals, Thank You!  Since having a c-section a few weeks ago, I have not been able to do all of the things that I would normally do around the house. It has been such a huge blessing to have meals brought to us!  I cannot even begin to say how much we have appreciated all of the delicious food that we have received. It has been so nice to not have to stress about making dinner. Thank You!

     To all those who have taken the time to ask how I am doing, to ask if there is anything we need, or just to be a listening ear,  Thank You! In this situation, the truth is that there really are no words to say. I do not even have the right words to say. But that is okay. I just appreciate the thoughts, the prayers, and the hugs. They all mean so very much to me! Please do not ever hesitate to give me a hug, sometimes it means more than any words. Thank You!

     To all those who have faithfully read my blog,  Thank You! Every time I go on my blog, and I see the the number of readers, I am completely humbled. When I started this blog back in February, I never dreamed that I would have so many people reading it. What a blessing! Thank you for taking the time to comment on my posts, and for giving me the courage to continue writing. My goal when I decided to start writing was that the life of my precious Caroline would matter. I knew her life here on earth would be short, but I wanted her story to be heard. Thank you so much for following our journey, and for honoring the life of our sweet princess by not only reading, but also sharing it with others. It makes me smile when I think about the beautiful and miraculous lives that have been touched as a result of Caroline's story. Thank You!

     A huge thank you to our families! We could not have gone through this without all of you. Thank you for standing by our side through this whole journey. You have all shown us the greatest love and support. Our little Caroline has the greatest family in the whole world! We love all of you so very much. Thank You!

    There are so many other people that I would like to thank. We have been so extremely blessed and continue to be blessed each day. However, our journey does not end here. We still face the hardest road ahead. As we walk down this road of grieving, heartbreak, and sorrow, we would like to ask for your continued love, prayers, and support. We know that we are not going to be able to walk through the pain and loss alone. Please continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers. We appreciate all of you! Thank You!

Please continue to follow along on our journey. I have had many people ask me if I will continue to write on my blog. This has been such an amazing place for me to share my thoughts and express my feelings. I have also been so overwhelmed by the beautiful responses I have gotten from this blog throughout our journey. I will continue to write! I will continue to share Caroline's story. I will continue to share my heart. Please continue to read! 

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