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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Blessed Beyond Words

     Four years ago, I was so blessed to be able to walk down the aisle to this man. It is amazing at how quickly the time has gone. We had a beautiful day for our wedding, and I still remember every detail as though it was just yesterday. Everything about our wedding was amazing! On that day we both said our vows to each other, in front of God, our family, and our friends. Those vows are some of the most important words we have ever spoken.   
     Josh and I have not had an easy road, we have learned so much over the past 4 years. We have learned so much about ourselves, and we have also learned so much about each other. Even though it has not been easy, I have been blessed to have such an amazing man to spend the rest of my life with. He had been my rock, my shoulder to cry on, my biggest supporter, and most of all my best friend. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband to come home to each night. 
     At our wedding the verse that we chose came from Song of Songs 8:6-7.
 "Place me like a seal over your heart,
    like a seal on your arm;
for love is as strong as death,
    its jealousy unyielding as the grave.
It burns like blazing fire,
    like a mighty flame.
 Many waters cannot quench love;
    rivers cannot sweep it away.
If one were to give
    all the wealth of one’s house for love,
    it would be utterly scorned."
     Four years ago I never would have thought we would be in this place. I guess I was hoping that by now, or close to now, we would be parents. That we would have a baby to share our love and our life with. But God has shown us again and again that His plans are different from our own plans. He has chosen a different road for us. We know that our lives will never be the same. 
     But reading this verse again today has made me think. How could I have ever known that so early in our marriage, Josh and I would be facing death? It is so very real. It has become even more real for us in the past months. I think everyone knows that death is a reality. At some point we must all face death. It is just a part of life.  But it does not make it any easier. Death is a harsh reality. 
     But this verse that we used on our wedding day is a beautiful reminder that love is stronger than death. Our Lord was able to conquer death forever when he died on the cross, and then rose again 3 days later. His deep and unyielding love for us is so much stronger than the reality of death. Instead we can have the assurance of a life spent forever in the presence of our Heavenly Father. What a promise we can hope for in the shadow of death. 
     We will never be able to fully comprehend the love that God has for his children. It is so deep, so pure, and so true. He loves us unconditionally. Josh and I have experienced this love so closely throughout the past months. God has not only flooded our lives with His love, but He had given us the ability to love each other and to love our baby in the same way. 
     It is amazing at how fast the time has gone, and yet so much has changed since that special day four years ago. I know that my love for Josh had grown so much deeper and stronger. And now here we are very close to becoming parents for the first time, just not in the way that we had ever dreamed. But God has a plan for our marriage and for our family. Right now we will cling to the love that is stronger than death.  We will hold on to each other. We will love our baby with everything we have. And we will thank God each and every day for the love that He has for us.

Happy Anniversary to my amazing husband!


  1. Congratulations! sending you our best wishes from Guatemala. We are following your blog for a few weeks now. We thank God for your family. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you! So glad you found my blog! Thank you so much for reading.

  2. Love reading your blog! So inspiring. Hoping I'm working the night you are on our floor in the NICU to meet you and your precious baby girl. Prayers every time you guys cross my mind!!